UK Home Cinemas - in France

Berkshire-based UK Home Cinemas share before and after photos, and a time-lapse video of this lavish home cinema room in France.

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This project saw a basement room transformed from bare concrete into an opulent home cinema room with a very distinctive style of decor. For a very detailed account of the technicalities of the project view the YouTube video at the bottom of the page.

Insulation installed into the coffers

Very much a blank slate before the UK Home Cinemas team started their work, this room was completely transformed over the space of three weeks.

nema room

One of the first jobs was to  frame out the bare concrete walls in preparation for fitting insulation, decorative wall panels and speakers.

Installing the track

These short lengths of steel are the mounting track to which the Starscape Infinity magnetic star panels will be fitted. As you can see, there are holes pre-drilled in the face for fixing to the ceiling and pairs of larger holes in the sides of the track. These larger holes fulfil a dual role. Firstly, they allow passage of the fibre optic carrier tails which bring light from the light source to each panel, while also supporting the weight of the tails – so as not to add to load on the magnets. Secondly, since the holes are configured as pairs, they serve as anchor points for the carabiners at the ends of the safety tethers which are a feature of the magnetic panel design.

When installing a panel you can fit two of the safety tethers to the track and allow these to support the panel while connecting the carrier tail to the Panel tail. Once that’s done, connect the second pair of tethers and offer the panel up to the track for the magnets to do their work.

A view if the star ceiling

In this photo the room is complete and you can see the two sets of Infinity panels in the coffers in the ceiling. In fact, slightly outsized custom panels were used in this project, rather than the standard 1000 x 1000mm panel.

A wide angle of the cinema room

Another view of the room. It’s worth noting that the exposure of the photo means that there are fewer stars visible than would be seen with the naked eye.