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Thanks to leading home cinema company Just Add Popcorn for these photos of an impressive installation done last summer – no fewer than 15 seats in this room! Like all classy home cinemas these days, it includes an Infinity star ceiling by Starscape.

There are just short of 2,500 stars in this display which is illuminated by a pair of MiniLED850 DMX light sources.

The photo of the unfinished room is included here because it shows off our steel mounting track to which the magnetic star panels will cling in due course. The dangling black cables are the fibre optic carrier tails which will bring light from the light source to each panel. The holes in the track are there to allow passage of the tails and to support their weight, and also to serve as anchor points for the safety tethers which are a feature of the magnetic panels.

Flooring installed

Very early stages of the project, with the seating plinth taking shape and speaker cables in place, but little sign of how the room is going to be transformed.

Bulkhead installed

If we’re not mistaken, this looks like a modular bulkhead system by HES – a good option if you’re not much of a carpenter or are in a hurry.

Steel track installed

At this point there’s a lot of interesting detail visible. Lots of loudspeakers for instance, and power points in the tiered floor ready for the cinema seats.

Even more interesting, from our perspective, are the rows of steel mounting track in the coffered area of the ceiling to which the Infinity star ceiling panels will be fitted. In the top right-hand corner of the photo you can see the fibre optic carrier tails emerging from a hole in the ceiling. The light source will be housed above this point, although it’s more common for the light source(s) to be housed within the perimeter bulkhead.  Some work has already been done to thread the carrier tails through the holes in the side of the mounting track so that each tail is roughly in place for its panel.

Completed room
Finished room

Is that Once upon a Time in Hollywood?  Anyway, a nice shot of the finished room, and it demonstrates how well the Infinity star panels serve to minimise reflected light from the projection screen.

Star ceiling

This photo is bit over-exposed – at least as far as the stars are concerned – but it does show the nice clusters and constellations of stars which are a feature of the Infinity panels.