Magnetic mounting system


Our magnetic mounting system uses steel track developed by Starscape.


Carrier tails in the channel

Designed to be fiixed to the ceiling at 500mm centres, the latest version of the track has an

80mm-wide face which allows plenty of room for the magnets of two adjoining panels.

Pairs of holes along the sides of the track at 150mm centres provide pass-through openings

for the carrier tails and also serve as anchor points for the carabiners at the ends of the safety tethers.

The finished panels will be 42mm below the original ceiling if you use the channel and magnets.

If you’re simply screwing the panels to wooden battens then allow for a total depth of perhaps 30mm.


Close up of steel track
Rear of an Infinity panel
Starscape steel channel

Annimation of the components and installation of Infinity panels

Workshop video showing 6 Infinity panels installed on our workshop ceiling

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