Rayleigh Sound & Vision

Credit for this exceptional 10-seater home cinema in Essex goes to Rayleigh Sound & Vision whose elegant design included a star ceiling by Starscape. Structural features within the room meant that the ceiling had to be designed as a series of coffers, using customised, outsized Starscape Infnity panels. There were eight coffers, but in six different sizes. Since none was wider than 1000mm we decided to manufacture as double panels, all of which were just a bit under 2000 x 1000mm. One benefit of this approach was that within each coffer there was no joint, although in practice joints between Infinity panels tend to be very unobtrusive in any case.

Contact: Tom Hawes  01245 265245 216 Moulsham Street Chelmsford Essex CM2 0LR

Home cinema star ceiling

Let’s face it: this is an enormous screen, so the term home “cinema” really is appropriate in this instance.

Rayleigh Sound & Vision

The room is large enough to accommodate five large seats in the back row, and with enough leg room that the occupants won’t be bothering the people in the front row!

Home theatre seating

The control interface can be seen here in the front row seating. The 1,600 stars in the display are illuminated by a set of three MiniLED750 DMX light sources which can be fully integrated within the home automation system, allowing for very precise control of a wide range of display effects, from the most subtle to the most dramatic.

Home theatre

Tiered seating means that everyone gets a good view of the enormous screen. The blue glow around the edge of the star panels is from LED tape.

Hoe cinema room

Really, who would go out to a commercial cinema complex on a cold wet evening when you can relax in an environment like this?