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Infinity - World beating star ceiling from Starscape

Infinity star ceiling
With thanks to Cre8tive Rooms

Fantastic star layout - it's what we do

100 stars per square metre in four different diameters

With thanks to UK Home Cinemas
With thanks to The Home Cinema Company

Infinity is a modular panel-based star ceiling system designed by Starscape Star Ceilings Ltd

The System

The whole system has been designed from the outset for ease of installation.

Individual panels have a bundle of 100 mixed diameter fibres (0.50mm, 0.75mm, 1mm and 1.5mm) distributed in a natural star pattern across the face. On the rear of the panel this bundle is connected via an optical joint with screwed coupling to a corresponding carrier tail connected to the light source.

Panel specification

Panel specification: Panels: 1000 x 1000 x 10mm Material: Lightweight foam board. Face covering: Super black fabric. Weight: 4.5 kgs Total depth from ceiling using steel channel and magnets: 42mm Longest permissible carrier tail: 15 metres. Speaker/down-light cut-outs available: Yes Panels re-sizing: Yes Edge trim available: Yes NFPA fire rating – 0. No unusual hazard.


A Starscape animation showing the components of the Infinity star ceiling system and the installation method.

Magnetic Mounting Explained

Developed by Starscape for a quick and trouble free installation.

Light distribution explained

Using our Hydra light splitter and carrier joining tails, light is distributed to the panels.

Star pattern

It's at the heart of Starscape.


Notes to help with your Infinity installation.

Case studies

Customer projects using the Infinity star ceiling system.

Workshop Installation

This video was recorded in our workshop shows our colleague Martin, installing six Infinity panels using our unique magnetic mounting system.

Speakers and projectors

Speakers, lights, projectors and other shapes can cut out from the panels. All we need is a plan to work from.

Measuring your room

Rooms are very rarely exactly square. Here’s how to measure correctly.

Shooting star effects are available.

Fixing to timber

In this illustration the Infinity panels are screwed directly to timber battens. If using this method Starscape will supply adhesive black felt dots to conceal the screw heads.

Infinity configuration

If you're ready to go-ahead, we need you to confirm some key details of your project, so that we can select and configure the components appropriately.

Home cinema build by UK Home Cinemas

This time-lapse video by Richard Bell of UK Home Cinemas shows the creation of a high specification home cinema room from start to finish, complete with perimeter bulkhead and Infinity star ceiling panels.

Home cinema build by Finite Solutions

Another great build video featuring our Infinity star ceiling panels

A map of Infinity installers

If you’re an installer and would like to be included on the map, email: info@starscape.co.uk
with your company name, location and any other details you would like us to include.