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Light distribution explained

The Hydra light splitter in conjunction with our Infinity panel and carrier tails makes the installation of multiple panels easy.

The system comprises of four parts:

The Light Source – Hydra Light Splitter – Carrier Tail – Panel Tail

Fibre Optic Jointing System

Light from the MiniLED550 is split into 6 outputs by the Hydra. A carrier tail of appropriate length then carries the light to the panel tail.

The Hydra light splitter

The Hydra takes light from the light source and splits it into 6 streams.

Carrier tail

A ‘carrier tail’ of bundled sheathed fibre, which can be any length between 1.5 and 12 metres, have similar ferrules at both of its ends. The output end connects to the panel tail via a screwed coupling. The input end of the carrier tail connects to the ferrule at the end of one of the short tails in the ‘Hydra’ connector. So, there are two optical joints between the light source and the panel, but because even our most basic light sources produce more light than is required for a star ceiling, the light loss at the joints is not a problem.

Panel tail

We have two lengths of panel tail: 1.6 metre and2.5 metres. All contain the following fibres: 80 x 0.50, 14 x 0.75,5 x 1.00 and 1 x 1.50 The 1.6m tail will be suitable for metre square panels or smaller, the 2.5m for plasterboard size panels 2.4 x 1.2 metres.

Optical joint

Optical joint with screw connector.

Video Demonstration

YouTube video explaining the system. Since this was filmed, we have upgraded the joints to mechanical screw fittings.