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Attic Home Cinema

In this project Bespoke Home Cinemas of Leeds turned a fairly bland attic games room into a much more stylish facility, combining the games area with an impressive home cinema area with undoubted Wow factor. I also recommended you read to know more about attic services as it can enhance the view of home.

An Infinity star ceiling and LED tape lighting creates just the mood for special movie nights.

Contact: Gifford  Malcolm 0113 266 0101 gm@bespokecinemas.co.uk 5 Stainburn Parade, Moortown, Leeds, LS17 6NA

The starting point. While nobody’s going to turn down having this much space at the top of the house, it’s a pretty blank canvas in terms of decor.
FIrst step in the process of creating the star ceiling is to fit the edge trim which will delineate the boundary of the Infinity star panels and provide a mounting surface for the RGB LED tape which will wash colour down the sloped ceiling.
Infinity panels are normally fitted using an optional magnetic mounting system which requires lengths of steel track to be fitted to the ceiling. In this instance, however, the alternative method of simply screwing the panels to wooden battens has been chosen. In this photo you can seethe wooden battens and also the dangling “carrier tails” which will bring light from the MaxiLEDRGBW light source to each of the Infinity panels. Also visible in this photo is the projector housing and the loudspeakers which will go behind the screen.
Now, that’s a more interesting look! There are 1,200 stars in this display (12 Infinity panels) and the LED tape works very well.
In this photo you can see why the star ceiling system is called Infinity. There’s a real sense of depth to the ceiling, achieved partly through our use of fibres in four different diameters and partly via the intensely black fabric which is used to face the panels.