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Custom Electronic Design cinema room

Custom Electronic Design used 4 full and 2 half panels to create a star ceiling in this dedicated cinema room.

Contact: Phil King  01784 470881 Phil@customelectronicdesign.co.uk 11, Charter Place, High Street, Egham, Surrey, TW20 9EA

Watching Game of Thrones is always a bit of an occasion, so it deserves a nice environment.
The stars are probably a bit over-exposed in this photo. Star ceilings are normally best under-lit, rather than over-lit, which is why light sources use economical low-powered LEDs.
Coffered ceilings, where the star panels are above a perimeter bulkhead, help to create a sense of depth in the sky.
As a general rule we’d recommend that the panels are installed much later in the installation, so as to protect them from paint and dust.
When using the optional magnetic mounting system it’s easy to adjust the alignment of the panels.
This is a better exposure, showing the stars off nicely. Do bear in mind that still photos will never show all of the stars since the twinkle wheel in the light source is constantly dimming some of the fibres.
One thing which this photo does bring out well is the presence of a few very bright stars. Each panel has fibres in four different diameters.