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Infinity panels in a coffered ceiling

Thanks to customer Lew Gov for these excellent photos of his very nice project. This is a classic example of a coffered ceiling in which the recess in the ceiling creates an enhanced sense of depth in the “sky” above. Infinity panels are finished in a very matt black fabric which adds to that impression of looking up through an opening in the roof to view the infinite distance in space.

This is 3 x 2 metre display – 6 panels with a total of 600 stars – and, as you can see, we use fibres of four different diameters so as to create a range of star magnitudes. Since we’re purists we recommend always having white stars – although coloured stars are possible – and then adding a touch of colour, if required, by adding LED tape to create a halo effect.

Infinity star ceiling

Apart from creating a really relaxing ambience in a home cinema room, the Infinity panels have a secondary benefit in that their exceptionally matt black finish helps to reduce reflections from the screen, so that your ceiling isn’t bathed in reflected light. 

Our LED light sources are fitted with twinkle wheels which cause the stars to twinkle gently. You can tweak both the speed and the amplitude of the twinkle to suit your preference, as well as setting the brightness to taste – less bright generally looks nicer and more realistic.

Customer infinity star ceiling