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Loft home cinema star ceiling

Gary J Fernandez Ltd created this stunning home cinema room using 21 full, and 14 half size Infinity panels.

As the room was vaulted Gary decided not to use the magnetic fixing system, screwing the panels to wooden battens instead. 2,800 individual fibres create this fabulous Starscape.

The exposure of the photograph does not do justice to variation in star brightness which is one of the key features of Starscape’s Infinity system.

Who needs the movie showing, when you have a ceiling like this?
The room before conversion.
This is a good photo showing the first fix of fibre optic “carrier tails”. Gary installed 35 star panels in all, needing 35 carrier tails to  carry light from the light sources to each panel. Three MaxiLEDRGBW DMX light sources were use in this project.