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Man cave home cinema

When we were first contacted by customer Gary Hicks about a star ceiling for a little project in his garden we were under the impression that it was a glorified garden shed. However, as you can see from the excellent photos
which he has shared with us, the “man cave” – as he describes it – is very swish indeed.

Gary had spotted our Infinity home cinema star panels online, and although they’re primarily designed for the home cinema environment, he felt they’d be a good fit for his project.

Looking at the finished photos, one would have to agree with him.

Even on a wet winter evening, the “man cave” looks stylish and inviting.

The joints between the Infinity panels are designed to be inconspicuous, but 
there are actually 14 panels here, including some custom sizes. 

You can see a difference in the star colours between the two photos. Gary 
opted to use one of our MaxiLED40 DMX light sources, and while this will do
a classic white twinkle to create a natural starry sky effect, it can also be set 
to show colour change and dynamic effects such as shimmer and strobe if the
occasion suits. 
Colour and texture in the landscaping next to the “shed”.